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SimCluster GLS

Gate-Level Parallel Simulation

  • Run post-layout, SDF-based gate-level simulation using multi-core and multiple server clusters
  • Speed up simulations by 3-5X
  • No design changes, no testbench changes, no SDF changes
  • Engines run cycle-based or lock-step synchronization
  • Supports all three major simulators (Xcelium/VCS/Questa)
  • Simulation analyzer tool generates design block workload, port change activities, interconnect complexity between blocks, synchronization analysis, and design hierarchy report
  • Automatic coarse-grained partitioning of flat and hierarchical netlists
  • Patent pending methods further optimize performance
Turn slow single process simulation
into N-way parallel simulations

Run the same SoC top-level for all partitions.  SimCluster will dynamically isolate all submodules except those actively simulating in each of the respective partitions

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