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SimXACT – Gate Simulation Productivity and Analysis Technology


  • Addressing X-pessimism in GLS is a must
    • Formal-enhanced logic simulation dynamically performs X-pessimism analysis and repair on the fly
    • Analyzes X propagation in datapath and gated clock logic
    • False X fixes reusable on subsequent simulation runs
    • Supports hierarchical flow for large designs
  • Detect simulation glitches
    • Dynamic glitch detectors uncover hard to find X corruption cases (0->X->1)
  • Eliminate race conditions in 0-delay GLS
    • 0-delay GLS may demonstrate race conditions especially in designs with gated clocking and delay lines
    • “pseudo-SDF” generator efficiently solves race condition issues
  • Uncover testbench forcing and connectivity issues in GLS
    • Force/release propagation analysis confirms when forces no longer drive any fanout due to synthesis optimizations
    • Connectivity analysis finds modules with undriven inputs creating X sources
  • Complements other simulator-based X prop tools
  • Effectively root cause the source of real X’s
    • smartlog shows X aggressors and their sequential timesteps
    • Finds dynamic corruption of DFFs
    • supports RTL, RTL/gate and gate-level designs
    • Supports Simvision, Verdi and Questa Wave
XTDB App in Verdi Environment

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