What Our Clients Are Saying

  • “After evaluating several verification IP solutions for the verification of our PCIe interfaces, we determined that Avery VIP was the best solution, allowing us to achieve our verification requirements while offering excellent capabilities and expert services and support.”

    Matthew Page, Senior Director of CAD/IT at NUVIA
  • Northwest Logic uses PCI-Xactor VIP including compliance tests to comprehensively verify NWL family of PCI Express Cores. Avery enables NWL to obtain a high level of test coverage with a reasonable level of effort. Avery is very responsive to NWL’s needs, keeps the VIP up to date against the PCIe standard, and has provided a services to help NWL accelerate its verification efforts.

    Brian Daellenbach, Senior Director, Rambus Controller Group
  • We are excited to work with Avery to help automotive engineers develop safer systems quicker through the industry’s first integrated CAN FD soft IP core and VIP package

    Nikos Zervas, chief executive officer of CAST
  • We have been pleased to collaborate with Avery Design to support the validation of our XpressRICH3 IP using Avery testbench and compliance tests on behalf of our mutual customers. We are now pre-qualified with Avery VIP and have enhanced the quality of our IP in the process which is important for customers seeking the proven, interoperable solutions.

    Stephane Hauradou, CTO of PLDA
  • We use Avery’s HBM-Xactor and DDR-Xactor VIP as a key part of our Memory Controller verification enabling us to comprehensively verify our Memory Controller Cores. We have found the memory models and associated support to be very high quality and recommend Avery’s VIP to all our customers for robust SoC verification

    Brian Daellenbach, Senior Director Rambus Controller Group