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FPGA Prototyping Solutions

  • Multi-FPGA Partitioner – tool enables retargeting SoCs to multiple FPGAs
  • PCIe, CLX and USB Speed Adapters – enables running FPGA prototypes on real system platforms running PCIe PCIe, CXL and USB interfaces at native speeds
  • Memory Speed Adapter – Speed Adapter enables running FPGA prototype when native memory speed of operation or memory types are not achievable by FPGA prototype systems

Multi-FPGA Partitioner

  • Prototyping large SOCs requires partitioning into multiple FPGAs
  • Automatic partitioner processes DUT's RTL into multiple FPGAs designs
    • Generates multiple Vivado project files
    • Pin assignment files
    • Timing constraints
  • Estimates gate counts based early Vivado synthesis run data
  • Flexible FPGA interconnection methods
    • Direct connect using high speed IOs and cables (FMC)
    • proDesign pinmux – inserts and configures proDesign pinmux IP
    • Aurora chip2chip
  • Verilog only
  • High speed pin mux
    • Supports up to ~5K signals per cable
      • 64 channels x 150 pins
      • up to 250 MHz channel bit rate
    • Source synchronous clocking
    • Ultra low skew between signals
  • Partitioner adds pin mux in top-level wrapper
    • User can specify clock speed and # of TDM channels

PCIe, CXL and USB Speed Adapters

  • Connects an emulated PCIe Endpoint (EP) to a full speed PCIe Root Complex (RC)/host system
    • The EP interface compliant with PCIe Gen3 thru Gen6
    • The RC interface compliant with PCIe Gen3
  • Multiple lanes of 4x, 8x, and 16x
  • Supports multiple PIPE Data widths and PIPE rates
    • Original mode, SERDES architecture, Low pin count interfaces
  • Independent RC and EP configurations
    • Ex: (EP 16x, PIPE 64bit, Gen 4.0) to (RC 4x, PIPE 32bit, Gen 3.0)
  • Frequency scaling factor of emulated device down to 1/64
  • Power management state of L0
  • Physical layer initialization, including equalization

Memory Speed Adapter

  • SoC DUT drives DFI interface in native DRAM interface targeted
    • Supported: DDR4, DDR5, LPDDR4, HBM2E, HBM3
  • Memory speed adapter converts accesses to target physical on-board memory running at native speed
    • Standard FPGA boards and daughter cards

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