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UCIe VIP supports standalone UCIe die to die adapter and LogPHY verification along with integrated PCIe and CXL VIP to run over the UCIe stack 


  • UCIe D2D Adapter
  • LogPHY
  • RDIBox models


  • Support latest PCIe Gen5/6 and CXL 2.0/3.0
  • Device and Retimer supported
  • Multiple stacks / multiple protocol
  • Raw Flit, CXL68B Enhanced Flit, Standard and Latency-Optimized 256B Flit
  • CRC Retry
  • Link State Management
  • Parameter Negotiation
  • Power Management Link States
  • LogPHY Supported features
    • Link Training
    • Scrambling/Descrambling
    • Sideband training transfers
    • Lane Repair
    • Lane Reversal
  • Mainband/Sideband interfaces
  • FDI / RDI interfaces
  • Unit-level FDI / RDI driver mode BFMs for standalone PHY testing
  • RDIBox BFM for simplified direct Protocol/D2D only testing
  • Directed and randomized flit generation
  • UCIe PCIe extended config space
  • BFM settings are runtime configurable
  • Error injection at multiple levels
  • Protocol Checkers
  • Layered Protocol debugging trace files
  • Throughput measurement
  • Compliance test suite
Avery to offer VIP, verification aids to enable design with recently-announced die-to-die interface standard backed by industry leaders 
Protocol Family Standard Organization Sub Protocol Models
UCIe Universal Chiplet Interconnect Express (UCIe) UCIe 1.0

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