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UniPro-Xactor VIP

Your Solution To MIPI UniPro and M-PHY Compliance Validation


  • Complete solution for UniPro and M-PHY core through chip-level verification
  • Host, Device, M-PHY models
  • Comprehensive assertions track UniPro compliance coverage
  • Functional coverage tracks range of packet traffic, FSMs, and complex operational sequences
  • Tracker log monitors all levels and improves debug
  • Compliance testsuite for Transport, Network, Link, and Physical layer verification of Host, Device, PHY
  • Native SystemVerilog implementation
  • Supports SystemVerilog UVM/OVM/VMM environments
  • Proven with multiple IP vendors


  • UniPro 1.6
  • M-PHY 3.0


  • UniPro Model Emulates UniPro protocol stack layers and M-PHY
  • Supports all service primitives (SAP) and service data units (x_SDU)
  • DME User supports all sequences of control, configuration, and status primitives
  • Transport service
    • Allocates connections between CPorts
    • Supports up to 2047 Cports
    • Schedules message transfers between CPort Users
    • Performs SAR of messages and frames to/from L3
    • Supports E2E FC
  • Allocates connections between CPorts
  • Schedules message transfers between CPort Users
  • Supports CPort signal interface
  • Supports UniPro Test Feature
  • Callbacks at each layer enables user to access frames and layer management primitives Inject errors (modify, add, delete frames)
  • Extensive protocol checking built into models

M-PHY Model

  • Multiple LANE provisions
  • LS-MODE NRZ and PWM signalling schemes
  • Multiple power saving modes

Compliance Testsuites


Protocol Trackers

SAP Tracker

L2 Tracker

M-PHY Tracker