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Ethernet VIP

Avery Ethernet VIP provides a comprehensive verification solution featuring an advanced UVM environment that incorporates constrained random traffic generation; robust packet, link, and physical layer controls and error injection; protocol checks and coverage; functional coverage; protocol analyzer-like features for debugging; and performance analysis metrics. With the advanced capabilities of Avery VIP, engineers can work more efficiently, develop more complex tests, and work on more complex topologies, such as multi-port solutions. Avery compliance testsuites offer effective core-through-chip-level tests, including those used in compliance workshops as well as extended tests developed by Avery to cover the specification features.


  • Ethernet BFMs
  • Compliance testsuite
  • User Guide


  • Comprehensive support for IEEE 802.3, 802.1, and Ethernet Technology Consortium standards:
  • 10/100 Mbps, 1/10/25/40/50/100/200/400 Gbps
  • TX and RX models supports LLC, MAC Control, MAC, and PHY layers
  • PHY layer supports various inter-sublayer service interfaces configurations
  • Runtime configurable for speed, n:m PMA lane mapping, lane enable/disable
  • Multi-port MAC/PHY model
  • LLC and MAC functions include
  • MII management interface and register set
  • Layer 2 LLC and Ethernet Frame class
  • Layer 3 “datagram” includes automatic fragmentation and reassembly to Ethernet frames
  • Timing class to models clocking, skews, min/max timing parameters
  • User selects architecture including speed, # lanes, type of FEC, AUI, PPI, MDI interfaces
  • PCS/PMA layer models support
  • Supports various AUI, PPI, MDI interfaces
  • Pause operation
  • User selects # of lanes
  • Callbacks at all levels including error frame, length, SFD, FCS, IPG, FEC injection capabilities
  • MAC, PCS, FEC, and AN protocol tracker logs include frame header and payload fields and FSM states
  • Built-in protocol checkers and coverage reports
  • Performance metrics including effective line rate, active/pause modes
  • Traffic Compliance testsuite targets exercising protocol checklist items
Protocol Family Standard Organization Sub Protocol Models
800G Ethernet Technology Consortium 800G-Specification_r1.0
IEEE P802.3ck_D2p1
400G IEEE 802.3bs
IEEE 802.3cd
IEEE 802.3cn
IEEE 802.3cm
IEEE 802.3cu
IEEE P802.3ck_D2p1
1G-200G IEEE P802.3ck_D2p1
TSN IEEE 802.1Q-2018
IEEE 802.1AS
IEEE 802.1Qav
IEEE 802.1Qat
IEEE 802.1 Qcc/D2.3
IEEE 802.1Qcr/D2.3
IEEE 8021.Qch
IEEE 8021.Qci-2017
IEEE 802.1QCB-2017
IEEE 802.1Qbu-2015

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