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Avery Announces UFS Host Controller UFSHCI Verification Solution


Avery Design Systems Announces UFS Host Controller UFSHCI Verification Solution

ANDOVER, MA., October 8, 2013 – Avery Design Systems Inc., a leader in verification IP, today announced availability of its UFS Host Controller Interface (JESD223 UFSHCI) verification solution supporting the latest embedded mobile storage solutions comprised of MIPI UniPro and M-PHY, and JEDEC UFS specifications.

The new release of MIPI-Xactor allows design and verification engineers to quickly and extensively test the functionality of both UFSHCI-compliant host controllers and UFS devices.

Avery provides a complete verification solution consisting of SystemVerilog UVM/OVM/VMM compliant models and environment, protocol checkers, directed and random compliance test suites, and reference verification frameworks.  Additional advanced debug features include multi-level analyzer trackers to visualize data and control flow through the protocol stacks.

Key Features

  • UFS Host Controller Driver (UFSHCD) model

–        Emulates UFSHCI host driver including host initialization steps

–        Supports random controller and device configuration for comprehensive verification

–        Supports virtual hardware adaptor interface to UFSHCI controller via AMBA or PCIe local bus interface

–        Supports 4 main SAPs: UIO_SAP, UDM_SAP, UTP_CMD_SAP, UTP_TM_SAP

–        Supports command sets

  • Native UFS
  • SCSI SPC-4, SBC-3, SAM-5
  • UIC commands

–        Abstract transaction classes model UTRL, UTMRL, UTRD, UTMRD, and UCD, and UPIUs

–        Supports random SGL generation

–        Multiple protocol analyzer trackers for UTP-level, AMBA, SAPs, UniPro layer-level, and symbol level

–        Comprehensive protocol checking

–        Avery and JEDEC UFS Test Spec (JESD224) compliance testsuites

  • UniPro model

–        Emulates UniPro protocol stack layers and M-PHY

–        Supports all service primitives (SAP) and service data units (x_SDU)

–        DME User supports all sequences of control, configuration, and status primitives

–        Transport service

  • Allocates connections between CPorts
  • Schedules message transfers between CPort Users

–        Supports CPort signal interface

–        Supports UniPro Test Feature

  • M-PHY

–        Multiple LANE provisions

–        HS_MODE, all GEARs

–        LS-MODE NRZ and PWM signalling schemes, all GEARs

–        Multiple power saving modes


Key BFM Features

  • Layered environment based on family of SystemVerilog classes and methods
  • Abstract data model for transfer, packet, and descriptor types
  • Drivers, event callbacks, and scoreboard options automate status and result checking
  • Robust error injection enables modifying, adding, or deleting frames
  • UFS and UniPro transaction trackers (command and packet exchanges)
  • Throughput calculation for performance analysis
  • Random scenario generation with constraints stress design operation
  • Directed tests for focused functional compliance testing including UFS and SCSI commands and UFS and UniPro power modes
  • Functional coverage monitoring of scenario cases
  • Comprehensive protocol checking
  • UVM support