The Avery SAS VIPs support verification of host and device and expansion targets. A variety of standards-based conformance testsuites are also supported to ensure complete verification closure of your design to specification compliance.


  • SAS BFMs

  • Compliance testsuite

  • User Guide

Tech Specs

Short description:SAS VIP
Provider:Avery Design Systems
Languages Supported:SystemVerilog, Verilog
Compliant Standard:SAS-4, SPL-4, SAM-6, SAT-4

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  • Initiator and Target Device models

  • Commands sets: SPC-5, SBC-4 including DIF

  • Protocols: SAS-4, SPL-4, SAM-6, SAT-4

  • Interfaces for DWORD and packet modes

  • DWORD modes: serial, 8b/10b, 16b/20b, 32b/40b

  • Packet nodes: serial (including FEC), 128b/130b

  • Narrow and wide port

  • Low power

  • Initiator generates SCSI and TMF commands

  • Target acts as full SCSI drive

  • SSP, SMP and STP Transport layer protocols

  • All set of primitives

  • OOB, speed negotiation sequences

  • All frames from SSP, SMP and STP

  • Protocol checking and coverage

  • Callbacks at transport, port, link, and phy layers

  • Error injection

  • PHY models supports all link speeds and narrow/wide port configurations (1.5/3/6/12/22.5G) and OOB processing

  • Expander model with SMP support to support complex topologies

  • Basic compliance testsuites, including SCSI command testsuite

  • Native SystemVerilog UVM