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CAN Bus Design IP from CAST Now Bundles In Avery Verification IP

Semiconductor design and verification intellectual property providers CAST, Inc. and Avery Design Systems have partnered to deliver a robust, pre-configured, pre-verified, easy-to-use solution bundle for system developers needing a CAN FD bus controller for automotive and industrial applications.

The new CAN Bus Solution Bundle includes the CAN 2.0 & CAN FD Bus Controller Core from CAST—one of the earliest and most tested such cores available—and the CAN-Xactor VIP from Avery—one of the most comprehensive CAN 2.0 and CAN FD verification suites available—along with a one-month free license to CAN-Xactor.

About the CAN Bus Solution Bundle

Available now through CAST, the CAN 2.0 and FD bundle with 30-day free VIP license is pre-configured to give system developers an immediate, “out of the box” way to evaluate the CAN IP against all applicable industry specifications. An easy, cost-effective license offered through CAST or Avery then allows developers to conveniently use the same VIP suite to verify the correct operation of the CAN bus as their system development progresses.

The CAN Bus Controller Core in the bundle is developed by Fraunhofer IPMS and licensed and supported by CAST. It was among the first soft IP cores available for ASICs and FPGAs. Running on CAST’s CAN FD Reference Design, it has already undergone the real-world-like testing of three CAN In Automation (CIA) Plug Fests, more than any other core. This includes proven operation with physical transceivers from all popular physical CAN FD transceivers, including those from Denso Automotive, Infineon Technologies, NXP Semiconductors, and On Semiconductor.

“We’ve already licensed this CAN design IP to more than 20 companies this calendar year who have recognized it as the most feature-rich, plug-fest-proven, transceiver-independent CAN FD controller available,” said Nikos Zervas, chief executive officer of CAST. “Now with the respected, world-class VIP from Avery bundled into this solution package, designers can get to work even quicker, confident in the correct operation of this drop-in CAN controller solution.”

The Avery CAN2.0 and FD VIP suite included in the bundle supports the latest ISO specifications including the recent 11898-2 revision. It includes a comprehensive set of models and compliance testsuites for all modes in the specifications. The class-leading VIP is developed in native SystemVerilog UVM, and includes traffic generation, protocol checking, and coverage.

“The CAN FD IP CAST offers is clearly among the best available, and we’re proud to couple our popular verification IP package with it to help designers quickly prove they’re working with a solid, trustworthy CAN controller,” said Chris Browy, vice president of sales and marketing at Avery. “Later that same VIP package can help verify that the CAN network is functioning correctly within even the most complex automotive or industrial systems.”

Availability and Licensing

The new CAN Bus Solution Bundle is available now through CAST. Visit the CAST website ( to learn more, then contact CAST to arrange an evaluation or discuss licensing (, +1 201.391.8300).

To learn more about Avery Design Systems, visit, call +1 978. 851.3627, or email