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Avery Design Systems PCI Express VIP Enables eTopus SerDes IP and Next-Generation ASIC and Chiplet applications to Achieve Compliance and High-Speed Connectivity

Tewksbury, MA., June 21, 2022 — Avery Design Systems, a leader in functional verification solutions, today announced it has been chosen by eTopus as its verification IP solution partner for eTopus PCIe Gen 1-6 and 800G/400G Ethernet solutions and 112G SerDes IP for next-generation ASIC and Chiplet applications.

eTopus designs ultra-high speed mixed-signal semiconductor solutions for high-performance computing and data center applications. Its high speed, low latency, low power connectivity IP supports leading-edge PCIe and Ethernet connectivity and uses Avery’s PCI Express Verification IP (VIP) to ensure its IP is compliant prior to silicon validation.

“As designs move towards higher speeds, ultra-high speed SerDes IP is essential for leading edge networking, storage, 5G, and AI applications, said Harry Chan CEO of eTopus. “Avery VIP gives us confidence that our innovations in ADC/DSP-based physical layer transceiver technology deliver superior bit error rate performance, lower latency and low power consumption while meeting standards compliance.”

Avery VIP was used to validate the eTopus 7/6nm modular SerDes IP optimized for PCIe gen 1 to 6 and 800G SoC & Chiplet clients. This new 800G solution supports Ethernet standards from 1G to 112G with support for up to 45+ dB long reach applications.

The Avery PCI Express VIP is a comprehensive verification solution featuring an advanced UVM environment that supports the latest features and capabilities in the high-speed interconnect protocol.

“We are pleased to collaborate with eTopus on the introduction of PCIe Gen6 PHY solutions to our mutual customers,” said Chris Browy, VP Sales/Marketing of Avery Design Systems. 

Avery is a leader in PCIe VIP and works with its ecosystem partners to ensure a comprehensive and leading-edge IP solution. The Avery SystemVerilog/UVM VIP solution includes models, protocol checking, compliance testsuites, and Virtual Host QEMU co-simulation – enabling customers to tackle new PCIe 6.0 design and verification challenges even when no mainstream commercial platforms support the latest standards. 

About eTopus Technology Inc. 

eTopus is an innovator and technology leader in high performance, DSP-based, mixed-signal, ultra-high-speed semiconductor interconnect solutions. Our ultra-high-speed SerDes IP is adopted by global Tier-1 players to be used in networking, storage, 5G, and AI applications. eTopus is a VC-backed startup headquartered in the center of Silicon Valley where our innovations and advanced architectures are developed. Multiple locations are set up globally in USA, Europe and Greater China to provide sales, design and customer support. Our investors include SK Telecom, HK-X, corporate VCs, and cross-border funds. For more information, please visit 

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Christopher Browy 

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