ONFI 4.0 + Toggle 2

Flash-Xactor is a comprehensive memory VIP solution portfolio for ONFI 4.0 and Toggle 2 used by SoC and IP designers to ensure comprehensive verification and protocol and timing compliance. Flash-Xactor implements a complete set of models and protocol checkers in 100% native SystemVerilog and UVM.


  • Flash memory BFM

  • User Guide

Tech Specs

Short description:ONFI 4.0 + Toggle 2 NAND Flash VIP
Provider:Avery Design Systems
Languages Supported:SystemVerilog, Verilog
Compliant Standard:ONFI 4.0, Toggle 2

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  • Supports ONFI 4.0 and Toggle 1/2 NAND flash models including all sizes, commands (ONFI and multi-plane operations), interface modes (SDR, NV-DDR, NV-DDR2, Toggle DDR transitions), CE_n reduction, and volume addressing

  • Supports sparse memory model and direct block-based backdoor access of page data and parameter pages

  • Dynamic configuration of chip features

  • Open and unencrypted timing class supports mode 0-7 predefines, general timing and SDR, NV-DDR, NV-DDR2 timing parameters including static offset and duty cycle jitter, and quicksim modes including reset timing

  • Inject errors at all layers through callbacks

  • Comprehensive protocol and timing checks track compliance checklist coverage and isolate DUT bugs faster

  • Tracker log monitors all levels and improves debug

  • Supports Micron, Samsung, Toshiba