FlexRay VIP

FlexRay-Xactor is a comprehensive VIP solution for multiple versions of the FlexRay standard used by SoC and IP designers to ensure comprehensive verification and protocol and timing compliance. FlexRay-Xactor implements a complete set of models, protocol checkers, and compliance testsuites in 100% native SystemVerilog and UVM.


  • Flexray BFM

  • Compliance testsuite

  • User Guide

Tech Specs

Short description:FlexRay VIP
Provider:Avery Design Systems
Languages Supported:SystemVerilog, Verilog
Compliant Standard:FlexRay 2.1A, 3.0 and ISO 17458-1 to 17458-5

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  • Supports Node and Star BFMs

  • Node-level and global parameter class support

  • Single and dual channel active star and passive bus topologies

  • Synchronization methods (TT-D, TT-E, TT-L)

  • Static slot (TDMA) and dynamic minislot (FTDMA) segment media access schemes and media arbitration

  • Local/Remote wakeup and startup

  • Macrotick cluster-wide clock synchronization

  • Automatic error handling

  • Random configuration

  • Node type, bit timing rate, time base, jitter

  • Error injection/Callbacks

  • Protocol Checking

  • Protocol Analyzer log

  • Compliance testsuite

  • Verified with multiple IP vendors