X-Verification (RTL Analysis and Gate Simulation Productivity)

SimXACT and XOPT are advanced formal applications designed to diagnose X propagation issues common in design verification.

SimXACT and XOPT provide comprehensive solutions to effectively address the inherent limitations of handling non-determinism associated with X values in logic simulation which may render simulation results that do not match actual hardware operation.
These X design bugs result in extra debug and analysis time or worse, if not caught prior to tape-out, non-functioning chips.
Avery’s X verification solution uses unique hybrid formal methods to accurately analyze X propagations using real simulation tests


  • Run gate-level simulations free of X pessimism issues

  • Automatically generate force/deposits for data and gated clocks

  • Diagnose occurrences of X optimism in RTL simulations warning of potential non-deterministic sequential behaviors

  • Perform sequential X propagation forward and backward tracing to enhance debug

  • Accurately analyze and report X states during hardware reset and power transition sequences

  • Generate list of non-resettable registers for safe deposit at time zero

  • Utilize plug’n’play setup

  • Analysis scales to designs of 100Ms gates

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